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Orkhon national park jeep tour

Suvd’s central jeep tour for Orkhon national park


Hi, everybody.

Let’s have a tour for the Mongolian traditional nomadic lifestyle in a Orkhon valley .It will be great time for you .

Have a good time in Mongolia.

Region : central jeep tour for waterfall and kharkhorin city .

Interesting.sites : kharkhorin city ,semi desert,”Orkhon” national park for waterfall and “Tuvkhun” temple , ” tsenkher” hot spa and Khustsi national park .

Length of tour : 6 nights -7 days

Distance: 1600 km

Day 1- In the morning at 9:00 start the trip to Kharkhorin .which was an ancient capital city of the great Mongolian empire in the 13 th .found by Chinggis khan and Monastery Erdene-Zuu which is the first buddhist center of Mongolia .contains a lots of collections of Buddha’s sculptures .artwork .bigger statues of Gods and tibetan famous books . On the way picnic lunch at the semi desert. Throat singing concert, dinner and overnight in a Ger guesthouse.

Day 2 – After the breakfast drive to Orkhon national park for waterfall via the Tuvkhun temple for meditation made by high saint Zanabazar who was the first Buddhist reader in Mongolia, lunch picnic or in a nomadic family visiting them .Over night at the Ger guesthouse .Early morning it is possible to have a horse-riding for 1 hour before we leave .

Day 3 – Drive to Taikhar Rock via the Tsenhker hot spa and Tsetserleg town .At the hot spa swimming and having shower are available with cold drinks .Viziting in a nomadic families for mongolian milk vodka .fermented milk of mare’s .called Airag and some dairy products .Continue trip to Taikhar Rock and staying in a Ger guesthouse there .

Day 4 – Today we ‘II go to Terkhiin tsagaan lake and Khorgo volcanic mountain .Perfect place for and riding a horse.Over night in a tents on the beach of the lake

Day 5- after the breakfast we ‘II go back to Tsetserleg for visiting big museum and staying in a tent in beautiful valley of Bulgan mountain . ..

Day 6- Start the trip to narrow beautiful Semi desert .called “Elsen tasarkhai for riding a camel, staying in a nomadic family .Traditional games and national meal are available here . Overnight in a Ger guesthouse .

Day 7 – Drive back to Ulaanbaatar and stopover at the Khustai national park to take photos for a wild horses .After the picnic lunch continue the trip to UB and arrive in the evening. Overnight at the same guesthouse .

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