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Khuvsgul lake trip

Family tour to Khuvsgul lake

Hi,everybody .Let’s trip to beautiful ,fresh .amazingly lake .called Khuvsgul where have a lots of Tsaatan reindeer people live in a taiga forest using for a transportation .riding .milking for moving for few centuries .Also it is a great opportunity to riding a horse and fishing with local people along the beach of the lake .

Region :Central and Khuvsgul lake to northern of Mongolia

Interesting sites :Kharkhorin city and monastery Erdene zuu .terkhiin tsagaan lake .serni desert .volcanic mountain named khorgo , Buddhist bigger monastery , called Amarbayasgalant .visiting in a tsaatan family and shaman people in a taiga forest.

Available :May 1-September 20

Length of tour: 9 nights 10 days .

Distance : about 1900 km

Day 1 – Start the trip to semi desert at 9:00 in the morning . Riding a camel or horse and hiking are perfect .Dinner and staying in a national Ger guesthouse.

Day 2 – After the breakfast drive to Kharkhorin town was an ancient capital of the great Mongolian empire in 13 th century .and Monastery Erdene-zuu was the first Buddhist centre in Mongolia .contains a valuable collection of Buddhist sculptures,artwork , tibeten books and bigger buddha’s statues . Continue driving to the” Tsenkher hot spa “. Overnight at the ger guesthouse ..

Day 3 – Drive to “Terkhiin Tsagaan lake” and “Khorgo” volcanic mountain via the “Taikhar” rock and Tsetserleg town for a bigger museum .Lunch picnic .Dinner and overnight in a traditional Mongolian ger guesthouse .

Day 4- Come to “Shine ider” small town for staying .Overnight at ger guesthouse or in a tent Day 5 – Continue trip to Murun city .Dinner and Overnight in a guesthouse or in a tent outside of the town .

Day 6- 7 Drive to Khuvsgul lake via the Khatgal small town .It is a perfect place riding a horse for 2 days ,if you want .Hiking and fishing are available .Dinner and Overnight in a Ger guesthouse.

Day 8 -Early morning drive to “Uran” mountain .Lunch in a nomadic family on the way .Overnight in a tent.

Day 9 -After the breakfast drive to “Amarbayasgalant” monastery via the Bulgan and erdenet cities .It is a good chance to see the monks who is reading tibetian books with Buddhist instruments .Dinner and staying in a ger guesthouse .

Day 10- In the morning drive to Ulaanbaatar city and arrive in the evening .Overnight at same guesthouse .



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