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Orkhon waterfall national horse trip

Hi, everybody ,Family‘s traditional Ger guest house is a fully experienced tour operatour in Kharkhorin centre for horse and jeep tours .southern to Gobi desert and northern to khuvsgul lake with professional and experienced Guides who can speak in English and Japanese well. Also we have a lots of horsemen who were experienced for guided horseback at the waterfall and in Kharkhorin .. It is a possible for you to choose how many days for a riding since 1- until 21 days to somewhere . If some people or independent single want a horse riding for lor 2 hours while they are travelling with a jeep , we can organize a short horseback riding everywhere in Mongolia . We have a lot of tamed and galloping special horses with a quality saddles for only travelling on horseback to orkhon national park .and we have enough equipments for any tours instead of good experienced guides and horseman who can cook and guide the people who are riding first time .

It will be the great opportunity to see Mongolian fabulous parts at an amazingly low prices by travelling on horseback with us.

Notes : lf you get our tours ,we can arrange it for a good price as well, offering high quality services accommodations and tours for low budget travelers and backpackers.

Region :Central Mongolia

Tour interesting sites : Orkhon national park .buddhist tuvkhun temple for meditation .waterfall, Eight lakes .Mogoit hot spa for shower and laundry .Hospitable nomad families , bigger monument for great Mongolian empires in 13 century.

 Available: April1-November 1


Length of tours :9 nights/10 days . 4 days horse trip 2days jeep tours

Distance : about 310 km


Day 1 -After the breakfast we will start the tour to orkhon national park which contains a lot of ancient sightseeings in a valley of Orkhon river. On the way visit in a nomadic family for drinking horse milk and tasting diary products . we have a picnic lunch on the beach of the river, before the visiting temple .called Tuvkhun .Overnight in a tents OR IN A NOMADIC FAMILY .

Day 2 -Early morning drive the horses for visiting in a small meditation temple, located on the top of the sacred khangai mountain and called tuvkhun found by Zanabazar who was a leader of the Buddhist religion in Mongolia .We will be a picnic lunch on the way .Overnight in a tent in the forest mountain .

Day 3-ln the morning start the horse trip to waterfall, stopping at the nomadic family for offering horse milk and traditional yak’s milk tea for us .lunch in a family for national soup. Overnight in a tent or nomadic family .

Day 4- After the breakfast with fresh yogurt of yak at our camp we can gallop to waterfall and higher rock canyon which were formed by a unique combination of volcanic eruptions 24000 years ago . After the hot shower dinner and overnight at the Mongolian national Ger guesthouse here .

Day 5-After the breakfast gallop to bigger eight lakes to enjoy under the blue sky and in unspoiled beautiful nature .It will be nice by tents on the beach of the beach of lake , swimming and catching fish .Good point to experience the Mongolian traditional nomadic style .visiting them by horses after the camp .Dinner and overnight in a tent.

Day 6- Continue trip to next nomadic families have so many yaks and mares for drinking fermented milk .called airag .it is a perfect place to participate in real traditional nomadic style and hiking here , Playing by the bones with them and tasting milk vodka are available .Dinner and overnight in a national ger or tent.

Day 7- today we ‘II go back to waterfall again .Hiking and walking. .Dinner and overnight in a Mongolian national Ger.

Day 8- After the breakfast we’ll gallop to hot spa .called Mogoit for shower and bathroom at the tourist camp .it is a beautiful small

valley has good treatment water and so many volcanic area around the nomadic families .Overnight in. a tent or national Ger .Hiking and exploring the surrounding beautiful nature in the morning waking up early .

Day 9-After the new yogurt for your breakfast It will be a full day horse trip to kharkhorin town which was older capital of Mongolian Empire in 13 th century .And then stopover and take some photos for beauty national Orkhon valley and so many nomadic lifestyled families on the way .Late afternoon arrive at the last camp for sleeping . Dinner and overnight in a tent .Before sleeping it is a perfect walking and hiking .

Day 10- In the early morning start the trip to kharkhorin which was the ancient capital of the great Mongolian Empire in 13 th century found great Chinggis khan and the first Buddhist bigger monastery Erdene-zuu was built on the ruins of the kharakhorum in 1586 .The temples contain a lots of Buddhist sculptures .artwork and thousands of Tibetan books .Overnight at Ger guesthouse.Throat singing concert is available here after the dinner in your Ger.

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