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Great Gobi trip

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 Region:Gobi desert and southern steppe of Mongolia

Interesting sites :Middle Gobi .Southern gobi .Gobi Gurvan saikhan national park, kharkhorin was the ancient capital of great Mongol empire and its ruins and Monastery Erdene-Zuu which is the first bigger Buddhist center of Mongolia

Available :April 1-November 1

Length of tour :8 nights 9 days

Distance :about 2100 km

Day 1- After the breakfast drive to Baga gazariin chuluu in middle Gobi to see the interesting rock formations here .Dinner and Overnight in a tent or traditional ger guest house

Day 2-ln the morning we ‘II travel to Tsagaan suvraga look like a colourful Canyon .Hiking and Walking are available here in fresh air .In rain looks wonderful ,if we meet .Overnight at the ger guesthouse

Day 3-After the breakfast we have to cross a full day trip until Eagle valley .called Yoliin am national park for hiking in longer narrow valley with so many wild animals and bigger eagles ,such as ibex, sibirian argali, vultures ,hawks …Overnight in a ger guesthouse .

Day 4- Today we ‘II trip to the Huge sand dune and Oasis in Mongolia .named ” Khongoriin Els” has an extraordinary length of 180 km and 10-15 km wide lies on the Northern part of the mountain of Sevree Perfect place for take photo for sun setting or sun rising on the top of the Huge sand Dune .Riding camel is available for 2 hours .The lunch picnic in National Park on the way . Overnight in a tent near the Sand Dune .

Day 5 – After the breakfast drive to BayanZag , which is the home of the Dinosaurs .Hiking and riding a camel are available here .Dinner and Overnight in a hospitable family guesthouse .

Day 6 – Early morning head to ancient Ruins of Ongi Monastery .called” Khutagt and Shavi “.which had about 1000 monks before the Revolution. Lunch picnic .Hiking and exploring the surrounding nature .After the ruins we should cross the road about 30 km to Kharkhorin town to be short distance . Dinner and sleeping in a tents.

Day 7- After the breakfast drive to Kharkhorin .which was the ancient capital of great Mongolian empire .found great Chinggis khan in 13 century.Vizit in a first Buddhist bigger monastery Erdene zuu.ln the evening it is a possible to see the throat singing concert in your Ger .Overnight in a traditional Gers with shower and washing .In kharkhorin you have a chance to participate in a shaman’s spiritual ritual ceremony for your future life .

Day 8 – After the monastery in the morning drive to Khustai national park to see the wild horses and take photos here, It is a Perfect place for hiking and walking .Lunch at the guesthouse .Overnight in a ger guesthouse .

Day 9- Arrive in UB late afternoon .Staying in a same guesthouse


Horse ride, nomadic life, Tour, Mongol, Mongolia, Kids

Horse ride, nomadic life, Tour, Mongol, Mongolia, Kids

Great Gobi trip.

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